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Easy Peasy Obedience is about dog training and everything needed for success. One of the most important components in creating a dog that listens is in the relationship between dog and owner.

With Easy Peasy Obedience, I seek to motivate dog owners worldwide to build a strong relationship with their canine companions. My wish is that we get dogs that listen, not because they have to, but because they want to!

The majority of content on this site will be free and inspired by my adventures with my own dogs, and dogs I borrow along the way. I create both written and video content, as well as infographics to reach as many owners as possible. Later on, it will be possible to purchase content through this page.

The training methods I’ll present you to here build on the principles of positive reinforcement, concept training and games.

Positive reinforcement is a training method that rewards desired behaviours and limit the chance of rehearsing unwanted behaviours, while training alternative behaviours. If you want to know more about the principles behind it, I recommend that you grab a copy of Good Dog Behaviour by Choice with Positive Canine Coaching” by Sally Gutteridge.

Unlimited possibilities!

With Easy Peasy Obedience, there’s almost no limits to what you can learn, and absolutely zero limits to the amount of fun you can have with your dogs. Easy Peasy Obedience is built upon three fundamental ideas that form the foundation of your training development:

A positive relationship between dog and human is imperative to accomplishing teamwork and maintaining motivation in dogs.

Teaching  through games accelerates
the learning process, and life is simply too short not to have fun!

Winning is motivating! When you win the game of training every time, it’s not hard to find the will to reach your goals!

How do people like my content?

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer half a world away from Laura, I often recommend her “Easy Peasy Obedience” videos for my clients to view as homework. They clearly illustrate and demonstrate obedience foundational concepts in a user-friendly way. Some of my favorites are: Jazz Up, Settle Down; Coffee Shop; and 101 Things to do with a Box, but they are all excellent!

Kimberly Geisert, dog trainer, CPDT-KA

I love watching Laura train dogs. Her mechanics and skills are on point, and the dogs are delighted. Their enthusiasm and her clear explanations make learning from her an absolute joy.

Verena Schleich, KPA-CTP, Family Paws Parent Educator, and certified in Pet Loss Companioning

As a professional dog trainer I can say that professionalism is highly important aspect of the industry, an aspect that laura takes to the next level. On-top of that she is highly knowledgeable and skillful in a field that demands the best of the best! I would be absolutely delighted to recommend any of my clients to Laura!

Bob Siemens, dog trainer, KPA-CTP, IAABC-ADT

Laura strives to constantly learn, creating the best methods to get the most out of the dogs she works with. I strongly believe she is going to be one of the greats in dog training in just a few short years. Her videos are easy to follow and as someone who has been helping people with dog problems for years, I have benefited greatly from the content she creates.

Katie Fleming, volunteering Service Dog Trainer

Lauras videos are a great source of inspiration to fun training for everyone.

Lene Kvistgaard, dog owner

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