“Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0” by Grisha stewart

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Written by: Laura

Laura is founder of Easy Peasy Obedience, and works in positive methods based on teamwork and games, and with focus on minimising frustration in the training - for both dog and human.

Published: October 16, 2022

“He knows how to cope with the world as it is, because his handler gave him time to check things out.” 

Grisha stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA

Why did I get this book?

Well, I have a reactive dog, and this was advertised as the bible of reactivity, so I gave it a shot.

What does this book do?  

This book provides the reader with quite a large toolbox to help their reactive dog and a few other things. The book is the second edition of the BAT-manual and contains improved protocols compared to the old one, so even if you are familiar with the original BAT-book, this edition will still be informative.
The book is thorough all the way through and covers step-by-step guides for everything from leash techniques to using BAT in everyday life. Each chapter is accompanied by wonderful illustrations by the lovely Lili Chin and quality photos to help you understand the content best.
On top of the main content, the book also includes a section on socialising puppies using BAT-protocols and a section specifically for dog professionals. If you’re a pet parent, you can skip this section, but if you’re a dog professional, this section is a very good reason alone to pick up the book as it covers how to integrate the methods in your client-work.
Lastly, the book includes 4 appendixes where one is directed at the beginner as it provides an introduction to the foundations of clicker training and step-by-step instructions for fun foundation games that are helpful for any dog, such as Name Game, Silky Leash, and the Lassie Protocol. The other appendixes are slightly more technical, but also quite informative, covering functional rewards, Geek Speak, and trainer testimonials.

What does this book not do?

Well… obedience. But this makes perfect sense since reactivity can’t be “obedienced” away. However, this book is not an easy read and it can be a very heavy read. So if you are not good with technical reads, I would suggest Sally Gutteridge’s book “Inspiring resilience in fearful and reactive dogs” as an alternative for your reactive dog.

Nikuya with the book Behavioral Adjustment Training 2.0
Akira with a paw on the Behavioral Adjustment Training 2.0 book
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