Easy Peasy Obedience

Meet the dogs!

Meet the Dogs!

Easy Peasy Obedience couldn’t exist without my dogs.

Below you can see photos and read a short bio on my own dogs and my “spare dogs”.

The dogs I use in my videos are of different breeds, sizes, and personalities. Most often I make videos with my own dogs, but for the sake of variation, and to show different dog personalities, I sometimes borrow a dog here and there.

That’s why you’ll see me use different approaches in training the different dogs. I do this to accommodate their different personalities and accelerate their learning as much as possible.  

Akira kronborg

Akira ( 明 )

Akira is a Boston Terrier. She’s 5 years old and very much her own. But she does love working! She’ll be featured in a lot of videos because she’s really sharp on the camera. She’s not too fond of other dogs, but that’s something we’re working on.

Portrætfoto af Boxeren Nikuya

Nikuya ( 肉屋 )

Nikuya is our new puppy. She’s a Boxer from the spring 2020 and is very much a happy-go-lucky puppy. She will be featured in a lot of videos, and I’m very excited about getting to work with her.

Billede af Shorty


Shorty won’t be featured in a lot of videos for the simple reason that she passed away in the summer 2019. She does deserve some credit though, because she taught me a lot in the 11 years we shared. Shorty was a Great Dane and Doberman mix weighing 60 kilos.

Pølsehunden Jinx


Jinx is one of my borrowed kids. She’s a 7 year old Jack Russel Terrier. And that’s terrier with a capital T. The fun thing about Jinx (for me at least) is that she’s not used to being trained on a daily basis. But that’s what makes her awesome for tutorial videos. You’ll see a lot more of Jinx in the future.




Julius is like Akira, 5 years old. The special thing about Julius is that he is not food motivated, most likely due to illness while growing up. Julius is not my dog, but a dog I borrow regularly as demo dog.