“My Dog Pulls. What do I do?” by Turid Rugaas

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Written by: Laura

Laura is founder of Easy Peasy Obedience, and works in positive methods based on teamwork and games, and with focus on minimising frustration in the training - for both dog and human.

Published: December 9, 2021

Do not be so concerned about teaching your dog so much obedience. Instead, think about and develop your relationship with your dog – the rest will follow by itself.

Turid Rugaas

Why did I get this book?

I bought this book about 12 years ago because, well, my dog pulled. It turned out that I was better at training my dog than reading a book, so I’ve only just gotten around to reading it now.

What does this book do?

Exactly what it says on the can. It teaches you how to get good leash manners, with kind and gentle methods. There are plenty of illustrations in the book to help with understanding, which makes the reading process a breeze.
But it actually does more than that. It includes sections about how old dogs learn, equipment overview – both what to use, and what to avoid, along with information about how dogs learn in general. It is a tiny little book. 64 pages, that will guide you through the process of teaching your dog not to pull on the leash.
As a little bonus for pros, there’s also a section about how to implement the methods in classes and how to spice them up.

What does this book not do?

If you’re looking to teach your dog a tight heel, this is not the book for you. But, if your dog pulls, teaching a tight heel isn’t the exercise you’re looking for anyway, so that’s not a huge problem. One issue I do have with this book though is the choice to print on glossy pages. It is not very kind on the eyes, and I really wish Dogwise would not do it, even if it looks flashy.

Where do I get this book?

Pretty much anywhere. Dogwise is a good place to start, but if you live outside of the US, they will charge you an arm and a leg in shipping costs. In that case, your local book store, or Amazon site can help you. Interestingly enough, it is slightly cheaper in printed format, but it is also available for Kindle. It will set you back approximately $10 plus shipping.

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