“Remember Me” by Eileen Anderson

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Written by: Laura

Laura is founder of Easy Peasy Obedience, and works in positive methods based on teamwork and games, and with focus on minimising frustration in the training - for both dog and human.

Published: July 12, 2022

“Lots of people are completely unaware of dog dementia until their dog starts behaving oddly. I was.”

Eileen Anderson

Why did I get this book?

I got this book because I was unaware of dog dementia and I felt it was appropriate to learn about it before my dogs enter the age where dementia could happen. I also got it to have a resource to recommend for people struggling with dog dementia at home. Safe to say, I got what I was looking for.

What does this book do?

Remember me? is a story about Eileen’s dog cricket and how her experience with onsetting dementia impacted their lives. It follows this little dog from the earliest signs up until the last day. Beautifully woven into the story, you will find a heap of resources and tips to help you and your dog, should you end up in a similar situation. Many of these are also quite easy to apply to regular old dogs, so even if you just have a regular senior, this book can help you deal with that to get the best from your time together. The book is a small publication approx 140 pages, but you will find regular references to the website dogdementia.com which among other things features a complete link list sectioned into chapters to make it easy for you to find more information. This combined with the petite size of the book makes it a very easy read with the potential to reach many people.

This book also offers support. it is not shy about the fact that dog dementia is not something we can cure. But, it is also supportive of you when you need to say goodbye. As of finishing this book, you will feel that it is in fact okay if you have to say goodbye to your companion before you hoped. The link list I mentioned above also contains numerous resources on this topic, including references to supporting communities for pet loss. Overall, this book is a work of compassion, and I will highly recommend it to anyone who shares their life with a dog.

What does this book not do?

It won’t save your dog. Sadly, dog dementia is a one-way street and while we may have found ways to delay cognitive decay, as of writing this there is no current cure available for the dogs. But, even if you’re looking for a cure, this book is still for you, because it will provide you with a realistic idea of how the rest of your dog’s life will be.

Where do I get this book?

The book is available in most online stores or can be ordered home from your favourite book pusher.

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