“There’s a Game For That!” by Tom Mitchell & Lauren Langman

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Written by: Laura

Laura is founder of Easy Peasy Obedience, and works in positive methods based on teamwork and games, and with focus on minimising frustration in the training - for both dog and human.

Published: December 6, 2021

We are here to tell you that there is no better expert on your dog than you!

Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman

Why did I get this book?

Well, I like game-based training, however, I had some struggles with most of it being video-based, while my favourite media is actually books. I also missed a nice, chapter divided cookbook on how to put the games together to fit the needs of my dog. A concept catalogue if you will.

What does this book do?

It introduces game-based training for dummies, which is really nice because it can be a difficult concept to wrap our brains around. And speaking of brains, the first chapter is just about that: Your dog’s brain. It’s a nice straight to the point chapter on how the training works, breaking it into concepts and how they help shape the brain.

Moving through the book it helps you identify your dog’s individual struggles and provides nice worksheets you can fill out as you’re reading. If you have more than one dog, you may want to make copies. Cheaper than buying more books. After identifying your struggles it takes you through some different games, neatly presenting how to play them and how they affect your dog and shape their brain. All in all a very informative, and strongly motivating, ride that leaves you with a nice guideline on how to continue your journey.

The book is spiral bound which is a perfect match for me, but it may not be for you. I just wanted to point out I love it. The book also very nicely doubles as a boundary to play butt on the dot, or fun trick training btw.

What does this book not do?

Do I dare to say? Basic obedience! And yet, hear me out. It builds the foundation you will be building your training house on, so it is not wasted. However, if you want step-by-step guidance on teaching specific behaviours such as fetch, sit, down and so on, this is not the book for you.

Where do I get this book?

It is sold out on Amazon, last time I checked anyway, but it is available through the Absolute Dogs website for the price of £25. At this price there’s an instant audiobook download included if you want to get started faster than the mailman moves.

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